10 Useful Tips When Choosing a Heavy Duty Storage Shelter

You are looking for extra storage space, and a heavy duty storage shelter might be just what you need. There are many options available that claim to be heavy duty, but will not stand the test of time.

Here are 10 tips for helping you find the right heavy duty storage shelter so you know you get what you need.

1. Have a plan for how much space you need.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when implementing outdoor is to effectively plan how much space they will need. Consider what you need in the shelter now, as well as possibly in the future.

2. Consider how much snow or wind do you expect.

You want to be sure your shelter is going to stand up against the normal natural elements. That means matching the snow load capacity and durability against the wind to what is normal in your area is important. The best shelters use a substantial steel frame over aluminum to provide strength against rain and snow.

3. Think about how much security you are going to need.

Think about what you are going to be storing, and whether you are going to need to be able to lock it inside. Not all storage shelters offer the ability to lock it down.

4. Look at the different roof styles.

There are typically three different roof options available: a standard peak, rounded, and barn style. The peak is the easiest to setup. The rounded offers the best for shedding the elements like snow and leaves. The barn increases the useable square footage.

5. Consider whether you need privacy.

Do you need walls on your shelter? Do you want windows on those windows? These are not standard on all storage sheds, so you want to be sure to think about this in advance so you know the options to consider.

6. Check local ordinances and HOA rules.

You do not want to invest in a portable garage to find out it violates a local ordinance or HOA rules. Check to see where on your property you can construct it and how tall it can be, just for starters.

7. Check the ground and flooring options.

What are you planning to store in your heavy duty storage? The size and weight will determine if the ground is going to be sufficient. Also, think about whether you want a floor to keep things off the ground.

8. Look at how you will access the shelter.

Sometimes people fail to think about where the entry is going to be on outdoor storage buildings. They put it up and then find out they cannot easily move things into or out of the shelter.

9. Think about enhancements.

What else will you need to help your outdoor storage meet your needs? There are many additional options, such as shelves you can install to help keep small things off the floor. There are also ventilation kits to help control temperature and condensation.

10. Be sure you have permanent anchors and ratchet straps.

You want to be sure that your new shelter is going to stay in place, even when you get some wind. The best shelters will have substantial anchors that allow ratchet straps attached to the cover to pull it tight.

What lessons have you learned the hard way of attempting to put up a heavy duty storage shelter?

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