Livestock Shelters

The Peace of Mind You Need to Keep Your Livestock Safe

MDM Shelters provides a unique solution for those looking for a portable building to protect their livestock. Our livestock shelters are affordable, flexible, and durable. Many clients in the agriculture business use our shelters for a variety of purposes. Whatever the purpose of your portable livestock shelter, you can have the peace of mind that your animals are protected from the harsh elements of weather.

Our heavy-duty buildings are constructed from steel frames that are coated to avoid rust. Our fabric covers are fire-rated, UV-protected, and multi-layered to provide durable coverage that meets all storage standards.

Multiple Uses with Livestock Shelters

Whether you need a basic loafing shed, a safe horse shelter, or a dry place for your calves and other livestock animals to find shelter, we’ve got a variety of options from which you can choose. In addition to storing livestock, many customers use these portable storage shelters to protect their farm equipment.

From Shade to Shelter from the Storm

Livestock shelters can protect all types of animals. Whether you need to offer shade in large open areas or need a place to protect your livestock from the cold winter weather or heavy summer storms, MDM Shelters has the solution for you.

You’ve Got Options

Our animal shelters come in a variety of sizes. The smaller options are great for individual calves, horses, or sheep. We offer larger sizes that can accommodate horses, large groups of livestock, and even protect your large farm and ranch equipment.

Our livestock shelters are versatile and durable. They are a great addition to any livestock farm and can even be used for your personal at-home animals. Doors can be added for extra protection and privacy or removed for more freedom for your animals.

Our Animal Shelters Are Versatile

Even if you invest in an animal shelter for a storage need that has been fulfilled, these buildings are versatile. They can be transformed to meet all your storage needs. At MDM Shelters, we create portable storage solutions that can protect anything and be easily transformed to meet your future storage needs. You are guaranteed to get the most out of this investment and you can trust that your portable storage solution is built to last.

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