Storing Firewood: Do’s and Don’ts

Storing Firewood: Do's and Don'ts | Rhino Shelters CT 06460

Storing firewood outside might be your only option, but keeping it dry is essential. You should never store your firewood somewhere that it could get wet. Wet firewood is nearly impossible to burn. That’s why the best option for storage is to invest in a portable shed or shelter. This will not only keep your wood dry, but it’ll also allow wood that’s already wet to dry. Storing firewood the right way will ensure you can keep your home warm when the cold rolls in.

The cooler weather is here and that means winter is right about the corner! When the temperatures drop, you’ll want to be sure you have plenty of dry firewood available. There’s nothing like the perfect firewood to get a warm, cozy fire going. Storing firewood the right way is the key to having dry firewood that’s ready to go when you need it. 

Let’s check out the dos and don’ts of storing firewood. 

Outdoor Firewood Storage

For some households, the only option for firewood storage is outdoors. You need to be sure to organize your firewood so that it stays dry and ready to go. While it might seem like a great idea to store your firewood close to your house, it’s definitely the wrong choice. It will make your firewood easily accessible, but it can draw unwanted pests, like termites, to your homes. 

If you don’t have an outdoor storage option, invest in a rack that can help you store your firewood off the ground. This will keep your wood free from bugs, mold, and rot. Find a rack with an open-air design. This will give your firewood the proper ventilation to keep your wood fresh and give you easy access as well. 

Best Option for Storing Firewood

Portable shelters are a heavy-duty structure that is durable. Your firewood will stay safe no matter what the weather is outside. You’ll keep moisture away and keep debris from building up on your stack of firewood. Look for a shelter that is sturdy and dependable. Find something that will stand the test of time and weather. Make sure that you have the option to close the openings. Place a tarp covering over the bottom of your land to further reduce the risk of water damage. 

When it comes to storing firewood, your number one goal should be to keep your firewood dry. You’ll also want to keep it free from bugs. Invest in a solid shelter solution that will protect your firewood and make that perfect, comforting fire easy on those cold winter nights. 

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