The Benefits of Galvanized Steel for Portable Buildings

The Benefits of Galvanized Steel for Portable Buildings

Why you should buy Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is a particularly durable form of steel that makes a great choice for many applications, including portable shelters.

When you are in the market for steel you may find yourself overwhelmed with the variety of choices. Isn’t all steel the same? The short answer is no.

When you are putting together portable garages or other shelters you want something that will stand up to use and even abuse, as well as something that will weather well. The steel frame that supports the structure is the backbone of the shelter. You need something strong and weather-resistant to stand the test of time.

MDM Shelters understands that when you invest in an outdoor shelter you want something that is going to last. We use high quality, long-lasting components to ensure the maximum lifespan for our products.

While many manufacturers opt to cheap out on some options, we know that these details are what make all the difference. A portable shelter made of appropriate materials will still be standing long after more inferior products require replacement.

Why Treat Steel?

You may wonder what exactly makes this steel so special. Galvanized steel is steel that has been coated to withstand the elements.

Zinc is used to help the steel resist corrosion. Steel that is not treated this way will quickly rust when exposed to the elements. Once treated this way, steel can withstand rain, snow, and dampness without developing rust.

Comparison With Other Metals

Aluminum and stainless steel are often used when building outdoor structures. Because these are more expensive metals you may assume they are a better choice. While they do have benefits, for portable buildings their benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks.

Stainless steel is rigid, and you want the flexibility that comes with zinc-coated steel when assembling portable structures. While stainless steel may work fine for a permanent structure, it will not hold up well to being disassembled and reassembled. Aluminum is lightweight, but that is a drawback when discussing outdoor structures. It is unlikely that aluminum will stand up to severe conditions without bending and warping.

Treated steel provides a great combination of strength and durability, combined with the ability to move it around as needed. Treated steel is made to stand up to severe weather. You can rest assured that your portable shelter will stay in great shape for the long haul.

Additional Benefits

Once you understand the need to protect your steel structure from the elements you may be curious about other options. While there are other coatings available to protect steel, galvanizing is the lowest cost solution. The factory application of zinc will be less expensive and less labor-intensive than onsite protection such as paint.

You will also save money in the long run. Zinc coated steel requires less maintenance than painting or other forms of protection.

While painting will need to be completed every couple of years, depending on the environment, treated steel can remain in good shape for over 50 years. It can even last 25 years or more in coastal areas.

You also don’t need to worry about small areas around niches and recesses missing out on the protection of a coating of paint. When steel is coated with zinc the entire piece of aluminum is protected. Every area is coated, regardless of how inaccessible the area would be to a paintbrush or sprayer.

Treated steel is tougher than unprotected steel. Regardless of the type of portable shelter, you plan to construct, doesn’t it make sense to build with the materials that will ensure the longest, lowest maintenance life possible? Check out our best selling one car garage. Shop Now!

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