Instant Garages

Instant Garage, Garage Tent, Car Tent Garage, Instant Protection for Any Purpose

Instant Garage, Garage Tent, Car Tent Garage.  Whether you want to protect smaller vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles, or large vehicles like RVs and vessels, we’ve got you covered! Our garages provide quality, affordable protection to meet all your needs. These outdoor storage solutions protect your vehicle when it’s not in use, or shelter your valuable possessions from the harsh effects of weather.  Need additional storage space for your extra vehicles? Want a place to protect your summer toys? Portable garages provide versatility, cost-effectiveness, easy to maintain.

Quality and Affordable Instant Garages

The MDM garage product line, obviously dependable and durable. Our instant garages built to last, affordable, without sacrificing any quality. The garage covers manufactured with 10 oz. industrial grade fabric, fire rated with UV protection. The heavy-duty galvanized steel frame awards you maximum strength and added longevity.

Easy-to-Assemble Products to Protect Your Investments

When it comes to assembly, we make it easy! Our frames designed for hassle-free assembly. All frame parts pre-drilled and cut to size. Average install time as quick as 1 hour, and most instant garages assembled with just two people. Our products come with cover ratchet straps that create a drum-tight fit to give your garage the durability you need to withstand heavy weather conditions. Even our hardware, consisting of heavy-duty carriage bolts and quality anchors, is a step above the rest!

In addition to galvanized steel frames and heavy-duty fabric coverings, all of our instant garages Double zipper doors tie-up with the 4 bungee cords included. And, we put safety first with protective plastic tube end caps for all open ends. With a variety of options for sizes, colors, and styles, you will find an option that meets all your needs.

Portable Garages Protect More Than Just Vehicles

While our instant garages are primarily used to protect vehicles, our valued customers have found a variety of additional uses for their outdoor storage solution. Store your outdoor summer furniture. Pack away your winter snow removal equipment. Create additional storage space for tools, hobbies, and other valuables. Whatever you use your instant garage for, you can be sure that your belongings will be protected.

Accessorize Your Garage

From light kits to floor protection, MDM garage kits come with a variety of accessories as well! Lay down extra floor protection for the winter months. Create effective ventilation to reduce moisture. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the solution. Accessorize your garage and reap the benefits of all those extras!

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