Vehicle Protection

Unique Vehicle Protection Products Specific to MDM Shelters

The leaders at MDM Shelters saw a need to bring more to customers when it comes to vehicle protection. We understand what it takes to deliver quality protection from our years of experience with portable buildings.  Also we wanted to offer customers more with our vehicle protection line. Whether you store your vehicles outside, in one of our shelters, or in a permanent garage, these products provide the perfect accessory for every vehicle.

MDM Patented Shelters

Our MDM Shelters patented Cycle Pocket, Car Pocket, and Motorcycle Covers provide fire rated protection.  Vehicle Protection shelters created from the perfect material to ensure dry indoor storage for all your vehicles. Protect your car or bike from condensation, corrosion, dust, oxidation, insects.  Contact us to let us provide a vehicle protection product that only MDM Shelters can deliver.

Completely Enclose Your Vehicle for Proper Protection

When it comes to vehicle protection, our products offer the perfect solution. The CyclePocket and CarPocket completely enclose your vehicle for full protection. Place these products anywhere. Pick your desired location and let our vehicle protection products do the dirty work to keep your vehicle clean all year long.

The Simple Solution to Common Vehicle Protection Issues

Everyday wear and tear can do a number on your expensive toys. MDM Shelters knew that finding a solution would only bring our customers more value from our products. Because we’re always looking for ways to keep you covered.  We knew from experience that a common cause of corrosion and maintenance issues with all types of vehicles are condensation, dust, oxidation, and the harsh effects of pesky insects. Our full enclosures provide the perfect solution for your vehicle protection needs. To make it even better, they are super easy to use!

Place Vehicle Protection Anywhere!

Find a desired location to protect your vehicle, place our CarPocket or CyclePocket where you need it and drive your vehicle onto the base of the Pocket. We cover your vehicle with a soft cover that won’t damage your exterior. Place the soft cover over the vehicle, bring the upper half of the pocket around your vehicle, and zip it shut. It’s that simple!

Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle Covers Provide protection as an Alternative to Full Enclosures
Whether you need quick outdoor protection or extra indoor safeguarding, our motorcycle covers offer an alternative to full enclosures. They fit any size motorcycle, even a fully dress Harley. Prevent your chrome from pit, tarnish, and rust with this easy solution. These covers designed to eliminate the potential for damage by moisture, dust, condensation, bugs, and animals.

MDM Vehicle Protection Materials

All of our covers made from heavy duty, light weight fabric. Use for indoor or outdoor protection. Our waterproof fabric has added UV protection so it will work the same outdoors as it does inside. The inner construction of the cover is made from soft fabric to prevent scratching and hazing on your windshield. Every cover comes with two built-in vents to allow your cover to breathe. And, we provide dry packs for added moisture protection.

Dependable, Waterproof, Fire-Rated

If you want vehicle protection that is dependable, waterproof, and fire-rated MDM Shelters is your solution. We saw a need and created a product that is heavy duty and durable enough to protect your vehicle from the harshest weather conditions, yet soft and gentle enough on the inside to prevent scratching and hazing. As we continue our commitment to quality, dependable, affordable shelter for all your needs, our vehicle protection line only expands our mission to bring you the best and deliver on our promise-we’ve got you covered!

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