12 Helpful Spring Yard Cleanup Tips

Spring Yard Cleanup Tips:

With spring planting season everyone could use some spring yard cleanup tips. You should make sure as soon as the frost stops you take advantage of this time of the year and get your spring yard clean. This is a good time to get your magical spring garden, so get on ahead and start your spring yard cleanup. After the snow is gone, your lawn should be the first place you work on. Follow this checklist to get super useful spring yard cleanup tips.

Heavy traffic on grass

Pets might mess up your lawn and with heavy foot traffic that may ruin the grass. Pour a combination of grass seed and fertilizer with plus sprinkle soil on the area. Keep the dirt moist until the seeds sprouts into the grass.

Remove detritus cluttering your lawn

Clean pet messes, rake leaves and collect fallen branches. Lawn care is vital so when raking the lawn make sure the grass is dry to not leave patches. Then use the leaves and twigs as a foundation for a compost pile.

Ornamental grasses

For quick and easy cutting, you should tie the tops of the grass, and afterward snip as close to the ground as possible.

Semi-woody perennials

You should cut back flowering shrubs such as Russian sage and cut butterfly bushes to about 4 inches tall.

Broad-leaved evergreens

For evergreens like boxwood, prune the dead foliage. For hedging, you should wait until it’s summer.

Flowering trees

Remove the dead, damaged and crowded stems then after cut back and shape as desired before roses and hydrangeas bloom.

Garden beds

Cleaning your garden bed is vital to create room for your flowers to grow. Clear fallen leaves, dead leaves, and get some weed control before spring starts fully. Do this when the soil has softened and the frost has stopped.

Shovel and dig out perennials

When you dig up perennials, include daylilies and hostas then divide them into three stem groupings. Then use them to fill any spare spaces in the garden. Leave a clean slate for a new layer and shovel out the previous year’s mulch. The new layer should be added once spring is complete.

Plant beds

If you want to add a plant bed or multiple beds, you can build raised beds or break the ground using a tiller. From the beginning of early spring, plant trees, and shrubs. After planting every tree and shrub move on to flower beds and plant hardy perennial flowers such as geraniums. Plant annuals and tender perennials such as Calla lilies after the last frost of the season.

Clean patio furniture

Have your outdoor space looking more presentable by cleaning dirty patio furniture. Use a generous amount of hot water and liquid soap to clean your outdoor furniture. Afterward, use a hosepipe to spray the furniture. Save the drying time by tipping the furniture on its side to drain the water off.

Remove mildew stains

Do this to remove mildew stains. Mix 2 cups of chlorine bleach and 2 ½ tablespoons of

the powdered detergent into 1 ½ quarts warm water. Apply the solution and scrub the stains then rinse thoroughly.

Get rid of mud and grime

Use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar on the concrete patio then scrub with a nylon-bristled brush to clean.

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