How to Select a Portable Motorcycle Garage

How to Select a Portable Motorcycle Garage

Motorcycles are valuable assets and require a lot of maintenance, so you need to ensure you are selecting the right portable motorcycle garage. Motorcycles are prone to wear and tear if not stored properly. Elements such as bad weather can damage the motorcycle even if it’s not in use. If you don’t have a garage, then luckily you can purchase a storage garage or shelter garage.

The portable motorcycle garage comes in different forms and are able to protect your motorcycle during every season. There are several factors you should consider when purchasing your portable garages. Use this checklist when selecting one:

1. The size.

A portable motorcycle garage is convenient as it’s smaller in size than a normal garage. When you are purchasing a storage unit. The sizes vary. It all depends on the size of your motorcycle and also the space you plan on storing it on.

Some offer bigger storage space and can accommodate large sizes of motorcycles. Some are moderate and accommodate normal size motorcycles.

2. Ability to withstand different weather conditions, dirt and debris.

When you go to purchase it, consider one that can offer protection from the weather. Depending on where you stay and want to have your storage shed, check on the weather conditions.

You should have in mind the fact that rain and sleet can cause wear and tear. A motorcycle storage shelter that is waterproof is an amazing choice. Some are built with waterproof material others come with a waterproof cloth.

You can also check on those that have very secure seams fortent types storage garage. Some are comprised of an inch of powder-coated steel frame. That helps with preventing rusting and also chipping.

3. The maintenance.

You must look for a motorcycle garage that is easy to maintain. Check on those that have the ability to withstand conditions. The metal and resin constructed are durable and a good option but not easily portable. For the tent type storages, more maintenance is required in the long run but are highly portable.

4. The warranty.

When looking for a portable motorcycle garage, check on one with at least a one year warranty. Warranties give you the assurance that the product you have purchased doesn’t have any defects.

5. The airflow.

The ventilation windows in a shelter storage are vital. They allow the efficient flowing of air around the motorcycle. The Peaktop heavy duty motorcycle cover shed, has mesh windows on two sides with roll up tie flaps. It is also built with an Oxford polyurethane coating on the inside.

6. Safety.

You should check on the locking system of the garage unit you are most interested in. This helps with security measures and protecting your bike. The Quictent heavy duty shelter has a TSA code lock to keep your bike safe. In addition, it acts as a motorcycle cover.

7. Consider the different types.

There are different types to choose from. The really easy to carry around include the tarp-like bubble, but they don’t offer safety. The other type includes the foldable ones, they offer protection from harsh weather. They are made from durable tarp material.


Motorcycles, similar to vehicles require extra care and proper storage for longevity in serving you. You shouldn’t be confused, with this checklist you can narrow down to what will work well for you. You can complement your motorcycle garage by making sure your motorcycle is covered with one of our heavy-duty covers. Are you a motorcycle owner or you are looking to buy one? Contact us for all your portable your motorcycle shelter needs.

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