How to Choose a Livestock Shelter for Your Outdoor Animals

How to Choose a Livestock Shelter for Your Outdoor Animals

Ever heard of a livestock shelter? If you’re in the farming and agriculture business, you probably have. What most people don’t know is that livestock shelters are also great solutions for residential homeowners who have outdoor animals on their property. There’s no denying the importance of keeping your animals protected while they roam the great outdoors. That’s just what a livestock shelter was built to do. Let’s take a closer look at how livestock shelters can keep your animals safe, healthy, and happy.

Traditional Outdoor Protection for Horses and Other Animals

Most people think that a barn is the best place to house their outdoor animals. For years, barns and stables have been the go-to for protection and shelter for all types of animals. Don’t get us wrong, barns are great! But they’re most commonly used to shelter animals at night.

So, how do you protect your outdoor animals during the day? Confining your horse or other animals to a stall all day can be detrimental to their health. Both physically and mentally, barning animals is not a great option. They can get stuffy and unsanitary. Not to mention the negative impact of poorly ventilated permanent structures. They’re a breeding ground for dust and bacteria.

Confinement doesn’t just limit your animals’ mobility, it also poses a risk to growth, development, and performance. Plus, it puts your animals at risk of injury. Barns are also expensive. They’re permanent structures that require building permits, zoning regulations, and maintenance and upkeep.

Most people move away from traditional outdoor protection for their animals when they learn about livestock shelters. Outdoor animals like to roam. It’s well known that horses love open spaces. But shelter and protection are just as important as providing the right environment for your animals to thrive. An outdoor livestock shelter does just that. Here’s how!

Why a Portable Livestock Shelter Is the Best Option for Your Animals

Outdoor animals benefit from well-ventilated, open spaces that allow them to roam. These large animals don’t do well when they are confined. They required a spacious and comfortable environment to grow and develop. But they also need protection when the weather isn’t that great. High winds, extreme heat, and devastating cold can be harmful to outdoor animals.

When you invest in a portable livestock shelter, you invest in the health and wellbeing of your animals. These structures give outdoor animals the freedom to roam while giving you the peace of mind that your animals are safe. With a variety of options, the livestock shelter product provides a shady, safe spot for your animals to retreat to during the day. And they’re versatile. So large animals like horses can benefit and smaller animals like sheep are protected as well. You can even store your lawn or farm equipment and hay when they’re not in use.

What Live Stock Shelter Types Are Available

When it comes to the livestock shelter product, you’ve got options. Here are the different types of structures available.

  • Corral Shelters provide a shaded resting area for your horses. They can also be used for feeding. They’re made of durable, galvanized steel frames with a UV and fire retardant fabric cover. You can add a door panel on either side to corral your animals.
  • Run-In Shelters give an open-ended option. They come in a variety of sizes and are spacious to house multiple animals at once. The covered frame will protect your animals from the hot sun or an unexpected rain storm. Animals can enter and leave as they choose. They won’t feel confined or immobile. They come in two different styles to fit your needs, and you can add panels on either side to close in the structure.

Investing in a livestock shelter for your animal is often a great choice. It provides great ventilation and open space while giving your outdoor animals the ultimate weather protection. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your animals are safe, healthy, and happy.

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