Tips and Tricks to Waterproof Your Car

Vehicle protection Tips and tricks to waterproof your car can save you a lot of time, money, and headache in the long run. Water can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Even worse, the contaminants in water can significantly impact your vehicle’s running condition when they are exposed. It’s nearly impossible to keep your car from getting wet in the rain or snow. But you can take steps to waterproof your vehicle as much as possible for best vehicle protection.

When you use these tips and tricks to waterproof your car, your vehicle will ultimately last longer. Check out how to waterproof your car with these easy steps.

5 Tips and Tricks to Waterproof Your Car

Whether you use a garage or a portable shelter to house your vehicle, it’s still important to take the following 5 steps to waterproof your car.

1. Protect Your Exterior Paint

One of the most important tips and tricks to waterproof your car is to focus on your exterior paint. While your exterior paint is already protected against water and contaminants with a coat of clear paint. Unfortunately, water contains impurities that can degrade this clear coat over time. This can be particularly damaging when you paint gets scratched. To combat this problem, you can add a clear film known as paint protection film. This can be installed when your car is new.

High-quality PPF will provide the ultimate protection for your original factory coat of paint. This helps maintain your vehicle and hold your car’s resale value. It will also protect your car from scratches and water damage. Plus, it can be easily removed if required when it comes time to sell your vehicle.

2. How to Waterproof Your Car with Sealants

Another one of the top tips and tricks to waterproof your car is to apply a sealant. One of the downfalls of your car’s exterior is that the chassis and bodywork can quickly degrade if you go too long between washes. The issue here is that acid rain and salt water can promote corrosion on the exterior of your vehicle. The best way to apply sealant is to do it after washing. Another name for sealant is car wax or car polish.

Car sealant protects your car paintwork from water damage with synthetic ingredients. It is rubbed onto clean paintwork, left to dry, then buffed off with a microfiber cloth. This protective coat can last up to six months.

3. Regularly Clean the Underside of Your Vehicle

While regularly cleaning your vehicle keeps it looking in top shape, regularly washing your car is important for the underside of your vehicle. This will help protect your car from corrosion caused by water. Since water can be particularly damaging to your undercarriage, this is an important part of the tips and tricks to waterproof your car. Visit your local car wash on a monthly basis. Make sure they spray the underside of your vehicle. Ask them to wash inside the wheel wells as well. This will help blast away salt and mineral deposits before they cause rust and corrosion.

4. Keeping Vehicle Protection When Possible

It’s no secret that garages, portable shelters, and steel carports are made to protect your car from the elements of the great outdoors. Since water can seep between your bodywork panels and other components, it’s important to shelter your vehicle when you can. Water often makes its way into areas where it takes longer to evaporate. This accelerates the rate of corrosion. This problem gets even worse during winter where ice and snow melts, seeps between parts of your vehicle, then re-freezes. When it expands, it causes damage to parts of your car.

By keeping your car sheltered by your portable garage or carport, you will minimize the rate at which corrosion occurs. Portable garages have actually been shown to be more effective in protecting your vehicle than permanent garages. That’s because they allow airflow underneath the cover. This means that your car dries out faster, minimizing corrosion.

5. Use a Protective Cover

The last of our tips and tricks to waterproof your car is to use a car cover. When you can’t protect your vehicle from the outdoors, especially for longer periods of time, consider using a car cover. UV-resistant, waterproof car covers are a great asset to vehicle owners. You can find our car pockets conveniently on our website for the ultimate outdoor protection in a car cover. While a car cover shouldn’t be a year-round solution, they can provide you vehicle protection when you need it most.

With these tips and tricks to waterproof your car, you’ll be on the fast track to a longer lifespan and better protection for your investment. They’re easy to do and will, at the least, slow down the effect of corrosion on your bodywork, chassis, and other components.

For more information on our car pocket and other outdoor protection, give us a call at 800-447-7079 or head over to our website to explore our products!

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