8 Secrets for Throwing an Outdoor Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. It allows both adults and children to let loose their hair and have some fun. The best outdoor party tents can help you host the perfect Halloween party!

Costumes are encouraged. Decorations are plentiful and a lot of fun to stage. For those who plan on throwing a Halloween party, then I know how important having the right kind of decorations can be.

To help throw the best Halloween party possible, here are eight secrets to know.

1. Utilize The Party Space

Most Halloween parties occur indoors. Why? It completely limits the amount of space that can be used.

Instead, I use the best outdoor party tents to host my Halloween parties. This is because tents allow me to open up space as needed. If I’m planning for a large number of people to attend my party, then I can order more heavy-duty tents to expand the room further.

Most importantly, tents allow me to decorate them from top to bottom. I can create an environment based on the theme of the party that I’m hosting. Some outdoor party ideas that I’ve had in the past are masquerades, zombies, and Classic Horror Films.

By using the space in the tent, I can decorate the ceiling down to the floor with decorations according to my theme. When my guests walk in, they’ll be immediately transported into a new world.

2. Make It An Experience

A Halloween event and party should be an experience. From the second my guests arrive, I want them to be engaged with the party’s theme. One of the best outdoor party tent ideas is to actually make it a maze. Leave out the lighting and only place a few lights here and there.

Otherwise, allow your guests to travel through the tents and feel spooked at each twist and turn. I can make a haunted maze just out of renting tents and decorating them. I know for a fact that my guests will love every moment of it.

3. Encourage Costumes

Too often, attention is placed on children and their costumes. Halloween is for adults, too. Whenever I’m hosting a Halloween party, I make costumes mandatory for both children and adults.

With everyone encouraged to wear costumes, this creates an understanding that everyone here is prepared to have a good time. It allows adults to be kids again.

4. Splurge On Decorations

When throwing an incredible Halloween party outdoors, I have to make the pole tents and frame tents disappear into the background. My guests need to feel like they’re walking into a graveyard or a spooky house. To do that, I highly encourage everyone to splurge on Halloween decorations.

The best thing about Halloween decorations is that they can be used each year. You can change them up by splattering some blood on them or simply placing them in a different area the following year. Yet every year, I suggest including at least one more decoration to use at the party.

More than that, the quality of the decorations needs to be superb. Guests should wonder if that skeleton or monster is real when they look at it.

5. Themed Refreshments

Outdoor events are never complete without Halloween Themed Refreshments. When people attend a party, they expect beverages and snacks. Halloween provides the perfect excuse to be a little creative in the kitchen.

The snacks and beverages offered at the party should go with the theme as much as possible.

6. Spooky Tunes

Another method for setting the theme and making a great Halloween party is setting the right soundtrack. Whether you want noises, music, or just a creepy soundtrack, providing sound can really transform the party into the night of a lifetime.

7. Consider Temperature

By the time Halloween rolls around, it can be pretty chilly. Tents can offer some protection. Yet I also include heaters as needed to ensure everyone remains toasty while partying.

8. Host It Elsewhere

While having a Halloween party in my yard is convenient, sometimes the party calls for a spookier venue. Pitching the best outdoor party tents in the woods or beside a field can make your Halloween party even spookier.

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What are some of your Halloween party ideas?

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