RV Shelter & Peace of Mind Self Storage

RV Shelter & Peace of Mind Self Storage

Your RV is an important investment, both in terms of the financial aspect and its use as a recreational vehicle. You should have the right protection for your RV, by finding the right type of RV shelter. There are different types of RV storages that fit each individual’s needs. There are portable storages, garage storages, storage facilities for RVs, uncovered storages, covered storages, and enclosed storages.

When you’re looking for a long-term option, RV carports are the best. They last longer than RV covers and it is cheaper than renting out an RV shelter. They offer storage space and at the same time, your RV is protected from the elements. When it comes to the different styles of carports, they can all be customized to fit your preferences.

You may add different features just to make your storage better and customized. Some features you can consider include flooring, sidewalls, side panels, entry and exit doors, and electric lighting. Everything you add will be from your own taste and preferences.

There are different RV carports and RV garages. Each type has different benefits.

1. Wood.

If you are looking for a cheap option, then wood is the best. You can build it yourself and customize it to your own style, or have a manufacturer do it for you. If you love the classic barn style, would carports give you that amazing look and feel? Apart from wood being a cheap option, it requires maintenance.

When there are changes in weather patterns, an increase in humidity due to high temperature might deteriorate the wood. You will need to protect the wood often by painting or varnishing it. When building and designing your wood carport consider the size of your RV. Often choosing to build a 10-feet in height carport is a good choice for an ordinary style RV.

The cost of having your wood carport will basically depend on the features you and the size. Choosing a manufacturer to build your carport will be more expensive and it won’t be very customized. However, if you choose to do it yourself, it will be cheap and you can put all the custom features you want.

2. Steel.

A Metal RV carport is a long term investment and requires very little maintenance. If you want a structure that will protect your RV without any hassle then this is the best choice. You will need the help of a manufacturer to install metal RV shelters. The metal building can be built to fit any of your needs.

They can be made to your preferred height and width. You can have the sides fully enclosed or partially enclosed. You can choose a regular style roof usually 26 gauge or 29 gauge roof panels. The manufacturer might recommend 12 gauge steel tubing. The cost will depend on the specifications you want.

3. Portable.

If you don’t want to build an RV shelter you can choose a portable one. You can carry it in all your adventures everywhere to keep your RV safe. They are available in different sizes but a large storage area is the best option to fit your RV. They are good for all weather conditions and last for years.

Build or buy a storage area for your RV and keep it safe. This will save you the cost of repairing from problems that are brought about from lack of proper storage.

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